Dance Production by Asya

Asya Tibi received a Master of Dance and Choreography from the Institute of Arts and Culture in Barnaul, Russia. She has been working with children, teens and adults, both in Russia and the USA for more then 20 years. Asya has been teaching Ballet, Character and Folk Dance and choreographed for stage performances. Asya is an Award Winner Choreographer who creates challenging as well as simple work for a variety of dancers. Her dances were performed by professional companies and small local performing groups. Working at the Regional Center for the Arts in Trumbull CT or at the Jewish Community Center in Barnaul, Russia has lead her to create many worldly theme dances. Asya travels the world to expand her repertoire and she has been passing her knowledge to her students.
Asya Tibi is a professional dancer. She toured the world with dance companies and ensembles. Performing Russian Folklore, Jazz, Ballet and Modern Dances.

If you would like to view asya's dance video contact her directly by clicking here. Asya will send you direct links.


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